Business Opportunity with #DentAethetica – An Established Clinic Offering Dental Services. Multi-speciality: All dental treatments including all kind of diagnostics under one roof Soothing / Relaxing Ambience environment is very soothing so patients coming in don’t have a phobia towards dental treatment. Patient education: We understand the need of ourContinue Reading

Franchise Qooco Webinar With VF Franchise Consulting **Learn more: QOOCO is a technology focused language education brand with almost 900,000 students trained already. They offer both English and Mandarin for pre-school to adult learners. Today, Qooco helps thousands of users across education and hospitality sectors improve their language andContinue Reading

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This came from a discussion with a consulting organization about “advice for immature MSPs”. And I just could not resist. When all the messaging is “the opportunity is so big”, we don’t often address how HARD the technology business is, and that the business model of the software vendors isContinue Reading

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