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Imagine starting a business with 10 thousand dollars delivering a package for amazon and making 11-4.5 million dollars in revenue, and all you have to do is take a 3-week training at Amazon headquarters.

Amazon Details:
Amazon Website:

And I know it sounds too good to be true, but I actually ran the number, and its 100% real, so in this video, im going to break down how to start a shipping business using amazon trucks and system and make some real money.

Im going to break down the start-up cost, expenses, and, most importantly, the real profit numbers.

Now I before I tell you guys all the details: I had a long conversation with a guy that works at USPS and one of the new Amazon guys together, and they both agreed that amazon is going to take over.
USPS Guy: lost 60-40% of all his amazon packages
Amazon guy does: 300-400 deliveries a day at works 4 times a week 10 hours a day

Why: I’m telling you this to show you that whether you get your own truck or become an employee, you can still make some money. Between 15-25$ an hour + benefits, it’s not like uber.

Start-Up cost ( btw 10k reimburse is you’re a veteran if you qualify)
Also, 30k in liquid assets just incase
10k to get started and you go to Seattle and get a 3-week long training
You’ll pay for travel
Background checks and all that stuff for your employees

Expenses Ongoing
– Driver cost: wages and benefits
– Vehicle cost: lease, maintenance, and insurance
– Devices: phones and other stuff so business runs well
– Administration: job posting, background checks
– Account and a lawyer if you need that
– Background checks and all that stuff for your employees

Income/ profit
Fixed monthly income ( based on the amount vans you have)
A route rate based on the length of your route
A per-package rate based on the number of deliveries

Quick math: if the low end of profit is 75k and low end of revenue is 1m, then we can assume that for 20 fans we would make 3,750 a year from each van ( that’s 312.5 per Van profit not gross)
Ps: Everything you could think off
Vehicle, legal fees, payroll, amazon has a connection to get you connected with those professionals

20-40 vans and 40-100 drivers
Responsible for hiring and developing your team ( this what they probably teach you)
Operate 7 days a week – 365 days a week
Amazon provides the tool you bring everything else

What you do
Set up your business: hire and run the actual business and become a leader
Deliver packages: 20-40 vans per day and deliver thousands of packages
Team Culture: you’re responsible for leading your team
Grow your business: step by step increase

What Amazon Does
Get you Started: Exclusive deals on amazon branded vans, insurance, industrial-grade devices (code for phone)
Provide Training: 3 weeks of training.
– One week: introduction to amazon Seattle
– Two weeks: On the field training and experience with drivers and owners
Operation System: Tools and software
Amazon On-demand Support: where they help you with any issue if the van crashed or anything like that
Experience: 20 years all transferred to you for free

Summary: you are growing and building a team

Boring stuff:
– Create an entity
– Order vehicles, devices, uniforms, fuel cards and more from amazon recommended vendors
– Set service: employee handbook, How you will pay drivers, health benefits and other stuff, and consult with a legal team
– Set amazon account: to run payments and so on
– Start interviewing: background checks, drug test, payroll and so on
– Set up a team area and train your team ( that’s why that training they give you at amazon HQ is so important)
– Boom Launch: five Routes/day for the first week
– Check-in with employee weekly to see the performance: increase routes 3 months later to maybe 20 or more routes

Difference between this and flex
How do they pay you
Where are the vans stored
Do we get our office space or something





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