Mark Cuban, serial entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, explains to Inc. president Eric Schurenberg and CNBC co-anchor Tyler Mathisen at the iCONIC Chicago conference why owning a sports team is more about community impact than financial gain. #SportsBusiness #Mavericks #MarkCuban Get social with Inc. on: Facebook: Twitter:Continue Reading

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UPDATED VIDEO As franchise brokers and consultants we are asked regularly which are the best “low cost” franchise opportunities. There are many, some better than others and I will explain why. Lets first look at what “low cost” actually means in terms of your franchise investment. For exampleContinue Reading

John Ovens, Franchise Consultant, answers a frequently asked question on the topic of owning multiple franchises. To learn more about franchising opportunities or to ask John a question about franchising, text him: 470-431-4235 or email him: #franchiseoptions #careertransition #johnovens #franchiseconsultant #businessownership #buildwealth #multiplefranchises SourceContinue Reading

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